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Bouzy Rouge

Posted on Feb 6, 2012 by in Reviews, Richmond | 1 comment

Whole baby snapper

Ah, where do I start? Having been on a personal trainer-inflicted low carb diet for the past two weeks, I think I may have become slightly biased towards any meal not containing carefully weighed portions of cottage cheese. My dining experience at this well known Spanish establishment was thus a simultaneous shock to both the tastebuds and the arteries…

We began the evening with a round of four of the numerous tapas items, with input from the waiter. The kingfish ceviche, cured in yuzu, was delicate, refreshing and zesty. It was my first ceviche experience and I was quite satisfied with it. It would probably also make for a nice palate cleanser between main courses in a degustation.

Kingfish Ceviche

The baked Camembert with toast and quince paste was  overwhelmingly delicious in all its cheesy carby sweet salty goodness ahh… but I digress. Really it was just a pot of melted cheese. Generally I am not overly impressed by anything at a restaurant that I feel like I could easily make at home.

The calamari rings were also fairly average; tasty of course, but nothing memorable, especially for a restaurant of this calibre. (Fantastic calamari will be featured in my next review, so stay tuned!)

Flaming chorizo rounded out our tapas-entrees, and by this I mean it was actually on fire. Unfortunately I was a little slow with the camera, so here is a picture of, well, a sausage. Aesthetics aside, it was beautiful, juicy and incredibly flavourful, as you would hope for something that is probably 50% saturated fat.

I was so full by this stage that I wasn’t sure if I even wanted my main. When my whole baby snapper arrived in a pan the size of a large pizza, I kind of wished they had cared to warn me that it really was a meal for two. I’m glad that I sampled it though, as it was an absolute delight. The saffron-orange broth was rich and complex, and unlike most restaurant food, was not too salty for my tastes. This, teamed with soft potatoes and tender snapper flesh, was mind blowing. I lamented being so full already, as I really wanted to just eat this forever.

Baby snapper in broth

I definitely didn’t think I would be able to fit in dessert after this. When the time came around though, I figured I had already given the diet the proverbial finger that night, so why the hell not?

My creme catalan topped with macerated grapes was delightful; the crunchy sugar top cracking perfectly to reveal smooth and creamy custard beneath. It was not overly eggy, nor did it have that slightly gelatinous, excess-cornflour texture. It was thick and somewhat paste-like, almost solid.

Creme Catalan

Bouzy Rouge was overall satisfying, although a few of the dishes fell below the mark a bit considering what they charged for them. (In no way can you justify charging $20 for four churros…). If you have money to burn though, (or if work is paying, tee hee!) it’s worth paying a visit.

Bouzy Rouge  
470 Bridge Rd

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  1. the most wonderful food just how i like it service perfect I stole the idea of the baked camenbert and say it’s an old family recipe handed down from generation to generation yeah right my mum only knew cheese as kraft cheddar. mmmmmm

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