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Friends of Mine

Posted on Jul 29, 2012 by in Reviews, Richmond | 0 comments

The 'hungover'

I had heard a lot of things about this Cheap eats guide-rated cafe located in my home suburb. I headed down there for a lazy Saturday brunch, craving a strong coffee and some good eggs.

I was in the mood for bacon so I chose the (aptly titled) ‘Hungover’. This consisted of herb and cheese toast, bacon, poached eggs and smashed avocado. I also added their eggplant kasundi for $1.

The eggplant kasundi was well spiced and absolutely delicious. Unfortunately the rest of the meal was quite disappointing. The bacon was possibly the worst I have ever eaten. It was overcooked to the point of being dry and tough. In addition it was incredibly tasteless. Not sure where they get their bacon from, or what they did to it, but it was not the least bit salty or smoky or anything else that bacon should be. A serious let down for a dish that implies it is ideal for someone with a hangover.

The cheesy toast wasn’t fantastic either. The bread itself was good (Noisette, I think) but the menu read ‘toast’, and to me ‘toast’ means bread that has been toasted. This was not so. You could tell that they had sprinkled the cheese straight on to the fresh bread and popped it under the grill without actually toasting the bread first. Rookie mistake! The soft bread texture was not what I expected or wanted. People generally have eggs on toast, not on bread. No one has eggs on bread.

Speaking of eggs, they were well poached. The avocado was good too but the meal as a whole didn’t feel quite there without the bacon. I was glad that I had gotten the kasundi as it definitely added some much needed flavour to the whole thing.

The verdict

The coffee was very good, I’ll give them that. I would probably come back just for the coffee. My breakfast wasn’t amazing though and it was fairly expensive for what it was ($19.90). Really, who screws up bacon and toast?  I should have stayed at home and made my own. I don’t think I would bother with the breakfast again given my proximity to the far superior Flaunt. Perhaps I will go back for lunch or coffee in future, but for the time being this place will not be a friend of mine.

Friends of Mine
506 Swan st

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