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Co Do

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 by in Reviews, Richmond | 0 comments

Beef pho

As much as I love cooking, sometimes all my ridiculous messing around in the kitchen gives me cooking fatigue and I really just need a night off. This is why I am incredibly fortunate to live in close proximity to the Vietnamese district of Victoria street, as I can get an incredibly tasty and filling meal for less than $15.

I love a good bowl of pho and often crave it on a cold winter’s night. Confronted by the vast number of offerings I decided to consult Ka Mun from Happiness is a Warm Gut, who is quite the pho¬†connoisseur. Upon her recommendation I headed down to Co Do.

I’d read things in the Good Food guide about the roasted quail so we thought we might get some as an entree.

The quail was finger-licking good. The sauce was sticky and slightly sweet but not overpowering. The quail was tender and delicious, although just a little bit overcooked. It could have been a tiny bit more pink, just so that the breast was more juicy. However at $12 for the plate of 4 half birds I couldn’t complain.

I also ordered my usual favourite, beef and beef ball pho ($8.50). (By the way, the ‘beef balls’ are meatballs. Not testicles, as many culturally ignorant people tend to assume).

Understandably, a good stock is absolutely crucial to a good pho. Co Do’s offering was rich, complex and meaty. The slices of meat were nice and tender. It is probably the best pho I’ve had in Melbourne. I’m definitely not going to go back to any of those other places with their instant stock and overcooked beef!

Co Do
196 Victoria St

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