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Brunswick Street Cider House

Posted on Sep 26, 2012 by in Fitzroy, Reviews | 2 comments

Beef burger with duck fat potatoes

I happened to be reading one of the weekend liftouts in The Age when I saw this:

Cheeky Rascal cider? Mini burgers? Hells yes!

I headed down on to the Brunswick Street Cider House the following week on a Thursday night, in September, as I was very much keen on the ciders-and-sliders tasting platter. When we got there we were told that it was no longer available as they ‘had a problem with a supplier’ and as a result were no longer able to make sliders. Oh.

As a result we all ordered burgers, as that was what we were in the mood for. The burgers came with a choice of potato (shoestring fries, potato skins, oven-roasted duck fat potatoes), seasoning and dipping sauce. There was quite a variety of these and they all had interesting sounding flavours.

I went for the beef burger, with (you guessed it) duck fat potatoes in chicken salt served with paprika aioli. Sounded good on paper but in reality was not so impressive.

The burger had a nice brioche bun, but unfortunately that was all that was nice about it. The meat was well overcooked to the point of being burnt on one side. This made for quite an unpleasant taste and an overall dry texture. There wasn’t enough sauce on the burger so I ended up opening it up and spreading on my paprika mayo to help overcome the dryness.

The potatoes were also a bit of a disappointment. They were undercooked, so they were too firm in the middle and not soft and fluffy as good potatoes are. They didn’t taste like duck fat at all and could have been crispier as well.

Apparently the chicken burger, which had a southern-style fried chicken patty, wasn’t too bad. The potato skins also looked pretty good. Too bad I hadn’t gotten either of those!

The whole time we were there I saw plate after plate of slider tasting platters come out of the kitchen, some of them to groups the size of ours or larger. Not sure what was going on here but I definitely felt like I was missing out.

The verdict

This cider house has a decent variety of beers and ciders and isn’t too bad as a hangout spot. Food was a bit of a let down though and given its location in foodie Fitzroy you may as well eat somewhere else. Should’ve had a $4 pizza at Bimbo’s!

Note: I gave this a thumbs down on urbanspoon because of the food, as this is supposed to be a food-based blog. I hope you do go here and try Cheeky Rascals’ raspberry and apple cider :) See also Little Creatures Dining Hall.

Brunswick Street Cider House
386 Brunswick St
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  1. The Southern fried chicken burger *was* pretty good except it was a little too salty.
    It seems to have the Little Creatures Dining Hall syndrome- charging a premium for average food because they know people are drawn in by good beers/ciders on tap. Speaking of which, I need to get some more of that excellent Summerberry cider 😀

    • That’s exactly what I thought – it was very much a deja vu experience! I haven’t had any luck finding cheeky rascal in bottle shops anywhere, I might have to start buying slabs online haha.


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