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Posted on Oct 8, 2012 by in Collingwood, Reviews | 1 comment

Burgers and chips

This offshoot of Good Food Guide newbie Huxtable has been widely touted as being home to the best burger in Melbourne. Being the burger fan that I am, after the previous week’s disappointing burger experience I felt like it was time to visit.

The menu is strangely simple.  The ‘Huxtaburger’ is a classic combination of beef, tomato sauce, mustard, mayo, cheese, pickle, lettuce and tomato, and the other three burgers on the menu are based on this.  There is also a kid’s burger which is basically a Huxtaburger minus pickles and mustard. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive as I usually go for ‘posh’ burgers of the fancy-relish-and-caramelised-onions variety.

Between us we got a Huxtaburger, a Theo (Huxtaburger with double pattie, bacon and barbecue sauce) and chipotle chips. We opted for takeaway as there was very limited seating space. After our 20 minute wait we sat down at the nearest public bench and attempted the fantastic activity that is eating a messy burger outside on a windy day. I really wish I’d brought a hair tie!

The burgers didn’t look so pretty after being wrapped up as the bun had squished up, but they were absolutely fantastic. My Huxtaburger was perfect. The patty was juicy, succulent and well seasoned. The brioche-style bun was sweet and buttery. There was a perfect ratio of sauce to meat to bread to cheese. It was amazing. No need for fancy relish here!

The zingy, smoky chipotle chips were to die for and topped it off nicely. My dining companion commented that Grill’d chips are better, but I disagree :)

As we were sitting outside, the reflection of sunlight in the waxy white paper gave the burgers a strangely ethereal glow in the photos. Quite fitting, I think.

The verdict

Definitely a contender for best burger in Melbourne and possibly one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. I’ve yet to try the Wagyu burger at Rockpool, but considering it costs three times as much as a Huxtaburger ($8) I’m not sure that I’ll bother. Huxtaburger is absolutely worth the wait and the trip to Smith st.

106 Smith Street

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  1. Hey there,

    I agree with you about these burgers. It is a classic burger scoffing experience. You should also check out The B.East in Lygon Street, Brunswick. It’s my husband’s place so I’m a bit biased but damn the burgers are addictive. Good price, great vibe and loads of room to sit down :)


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