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Fraser’s Restaurant, Perth

Posted on Oct 29, 2012 by in Perth, Reviews | 0 comments

Roast duck

As you may have realised, I am a bit of a snob when it comes to Melbourne’s food. When I was taken here on my first night in Perth I have to admit that I didn’t have high expectations.

My mind started to change a little when I saw the menu; many of the modern Australian dishes sounded quite appetising. I went for the duck, as I always do when duck is available.

The roast duck breast was served with confit ‘sausage’, apples, dates and chickpea puree. They had asked me how I wanted the duck cooked, which I appreciated, as I prefer it medium. There’s nothing worse than overcooked duck but I’m also not a fan of duck sashimi (I’m looking at you, Noir).

The duck breast was the perfect shade of pink and its skin was crisp and well-salted. The sweet and sticky apple and date reduction was a wonderful match to the salty, gamey meat. The tender confit duck and chickpeas complemented the duck breast well, resulting in quite a delightful array of textures and flavours. My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough of the chickpea puree. The rich breast, sweet sauce and fatty confit duck were a tad heavy on their own and I think a little more of the puree would have helped balance it out. However having said that, I was quite satisfied with my meal.

I hate to say that my dessert was not nearly as impressive. I opted for the chocolate tart with blood orange sorbet and citrus marshmallow.

I was concerned when I saw that the sorbet was a frightening shade of fluoro orange. In my experience blood orange juice is the colour of… well, blood. The taste of it also bore no resemblance to blood orange. It had a strange artificial flavour to it, which kind of reminded me of orange wizz fizz. It was a shame really, because it kind of let down what was a half-decent chocolate tart.

The verdict

The food here wasn’t too bad here considering I was expecting much worse. The duck was a good contender for the best duck I’ve had this year, however the dessert was very much a disappointment. Service was incredibly slow: we were there for quite a while before being served drinks, and it was about 40 minutes until they came to take our food orders.

Given the inconsistent food and service I have to say that it wasn’t great value for money either. My duck was $46 and dessert was $15, ¬†totalling $61 for a mere two courses. When you consider that Fenix‘s 8-course¬†banquet menu is $60 and Chin Chin‘s basically all-you-can-eat ‘feed me’ menu is $65, I couldn’t help but wonder if Fraser’s would survive if it were in Melbourne. (Here’s the food snob talking again. Forgive me).

Anyway, Fraser’s is not in Melbourne, and from what I hear there are few other restaurants of its kind out west. I had a reasonably enjoyable meal and it’s worth a visit if you have some cash to splurge.

Fraser’s Restaurant
Fraser Avenue , Kings Park
West Perth, WA

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