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Fancy Burger, Adelaide

Posted on Nov 5, 2012 by in Adelaide, Reviews | 6 comments

Fancy burger

Okay, so I have already established the fact that I love burgers. Of course when I was looking for somewhere to eat in Adelaide I couldn’t help but take notice of this ‘Fancy Burger’ place. With a solid 94% urbanspoon rating, and being #7 in the Adelaide restaurant rankings, I decided it was worth a half-hour train trip to Blackwood.

I went for the ‘Holy Smokes’ burger ($9.90), which included grilled capsicum, smoked chilli mayo and BBQ relish.

The patty was well-seasoned and juicy, with a nice char to it. That was probably the best bit of the burger. The relish was not bad either. Unfortunately the smoked chilli mayo I had been looking forward to was nowhere to be seen. Not sure if they just forgot it or what happened there but the burger definitely felt like it was missing something.

The bun was wholemeal and reasonably forgettable. The bottom half was way too small and just disappeared, which made it the whole thing quite awkward to eat. In fact, it was kind of like a Grill’d burger… a lot like a Grill’d burger… it had that kind of ‘healthiness’ to it which I’m sure some people appreciate, but it honestly felt a bit wussy after the Merrywell burger from the other day.

The verdict 

The burger wasn’t bad; it was reasonably tasty and not too expensive. I just don’t think it was nearly as good Fancy Burger’s rating would suggest. Nearly every urbanspoon review was overwhelmingly positive. Some even commented that they’d had ‘the best burger in Australia’. I was expecting a lot and essentially trekked out to the suburbs just to get a Grill’d burger. They don’t have Grill’d in Adelaide, which perhaps explains the reviews to some extent.

If you’re nearby, Fancy Burger is probably worth checking out; if you’re visiting from anywhere larger than Adelaide/have been to Grill’d before then probably don’t bother. You may as well eat somewhere in the city and save the trip.

Fancy Burger
4/237 Main Rd  
Blackwood, SA

Fancy Burger on Urbanspoon


  1. It’s always a bit hard when a place has been talked up so much that you go in with high expectations… Hopefully the train trip was enjoyable!

    • Yeah exactly! Oh well, the rest of the weekend’s food more than made up for it :)

  2. Haha I feel bad for you that you travelled 30 mins for a slightly disappointing burger! But I AM glad that I met you at the conference this weekend! :)

    • Haha yeah. It was nice to meet you too :)

  3. Go to Relish’d Burger Bar in Glenelg next time you’re in Adelaide. You won’t be disappointed, they literally are the best burgers in Australia!

    • Thanks! I’ll try them out next time I’m in town.

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