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Lux Foundry

Posted on Nov 21, 2012 by in Brunswick, Reviews | 0 comments


This rather impressive-looking brunch joint is located in an old heritage listed factory site. An obvious advantage of this is that is it nice and spacious with plenty of seating inside and out. It’s certainly a nice change from the crammed-into-a-terrace-house/cupboard-under-the-stairs type Melbourne cafe where people eat elbow to elbow on tabletops the size of children’s bookshelves.

I didn’t have any idea what the was coffee was like going in, but I ordered one anyway as I was in the mood.

My latte was sharply bitter at first taste, but rounded out to a smooth finish. It wasn’t too bad but I wouldn’t travel for it.

The breakfast/brunch menu was quite extensive, with a handful of standard bacon-and-eggs options as well as a ‘something different’ section. There were quite a few interesting-sounding things on the ‘something different’ list, and I ended up going for the crispy poached eggs with chilli caramel.

The battered and fried eggs were light and crispy on the outside, but still soft on the inside with a nice runny yolk. It was a nice concept which I wouldn’t mind seeing more often on breakfast menus. Unfortunately the chilli caramel was a bit lacking in flavour. I know caramel is meant to be sweet, however this was really just sugary and nothing else. Perhaps a splash of lime juice or vinegar would have helped it along. Also the large bunch of coriander leaves was a little strange, I think perhaps a full salad would have been better (like this one). For $14 it was quite a small meal and not particularly amazing.

A friend of mine ordered the coconut french toast with coffee mascarpone and berries. Apparently it wasn’t bad but it was very heavy and didn’t really taste like coconut.

Another friend ordered the cauliflower fritter with smoked salmon, horseradish creme fraiche, rocket and capers. I am told that the fritter was on the bland side and there was far too much of the salmon and capers to go with just one fritter.

The verdict 

Not a bad little brunch spot, especially on a nice day. The size of it means that even when busy, there isn’t a wait for a seat like there is at a lot of other places and you don’t feel pressured to leave the minute you’re finished eating. Service was also friendly and attentive. However the food was a little pricey and I do think that with the amount of brunch competition in Melbourne it’s nowhere near the top of the list for me (especially seeing as it took me an hour on public transport to get here!).

I think is another one of those in-the-area type cafes: if you live nearby, it’s worth a visit, but don’t go out of your way for it.

Lux Foundry
21 Hope Street

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