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Hurricane’s Bar and Grill, Sydney

Posted on Dec 11, 2012 by in Reviews, Sydney | 0 comments

Ribs and chips

Who doesn’t love ribs? That’s right, nobody. (Vegetarians excluded). I have mentioned here before that there is something so incredibly satisfying about getting your teeth stuck into something, getting your hands dirty and generally just eating like an animal. Think corn on the cob, chilli crab, fried chicken. Ribs are another one of those foods that seem to fulfill that primal urge.

Hurricane’s grill is all about ribs. Well, it claims to be a steakhouse, but their ribs are what they are known for. We turned up early (6pm), having heard about how busy it gets and were seated straight away.

We wanted some beer, thinking that it was an appropriate and fairly logical choice of beverage to go with ribs. I was therefore surprised to find out that they didn’t have any beers on tap.  No. beers. on. tap. What?? Surely meat + beer isn’t a new thing, especially for a place that advertises itself as a ‘bar and grill’? This certainly wasn’t a fine dining restaurant either: quite a few of the patrons looked like the Crown Lager type. Hmmm. We each got a bottle of Little Creatures, $10.

There was a choice of beef, lamb and pork ribs, in a full rack ($42.90) or half rack ($31.90). Unsure of how much to order, we asked the waitress for a guide. She flirtatiously suggested to my boyfriend that a ‘big man’ could easily finish a full rack on his own. We decided that it was kind of overkill and instead shared a full rack of half pork, half beef between the two of us.

The pork ribs were everything they had been hyped up to be. Smoky, charred, fatty, juicy. The barbecue marinade was sweet and sticky. Every little bit of meat sucked off the bone was just so succulent and flavourful. These were the ultimate in comfort/pig-out/hangover/insert-excuse-for-eating-unhealthily food. Absolutely fantastic.

The beef ribs were unfortunately nowhere near as good as the pork ones. (Note to regular readers: OMG BEEF RIBS I DIDN’T LIKE. Maybe the world really is ending in 10 days). Perhaps it’s because I’m used to eating slow braised ribs which are fork-tender and falling off the bone. As these ribs had only been grilled, that layer of fat between meat and bone hadn’t broken down and I found it quite chewy and unpleasant to eat. I also thought that the sweet barbecue sauce, while being perfect for pork, just didn’t suit the richer flavour of beef. I kind of wished we’d just gotten a full rack of pork ribs.

The verdict

Our meal was quite reasonably priced at $42.90 considering that the two of us (yes, including the big man) were reasonably full at the end of it. That’s only food though, so your total cost may be a bit higher if you’re paying through the nose for bottled beer.

Service was reasonably attentive given how busy it was, but I certainly didn’t appreciate our first waitress’s attempt at upselling.

Another thing to note is that it is LOUD. Sooo loud. I’ve noticed that tablecloths in restaurants seem to have gone out of fashion, even in some of the higher end ones, which leaves a room full of hard furnishings that basically act as a giant amplifier. Don’t come here expecting to have a conversation, and most definitely do not come here on a first date. It very much has a family-restaurant sort of atmosphere (which I detest), so also be prepared for screaming toddlers and obnoxious teenagers who feel the need to insert the word ‘like’ numerous times into what could have been grammatically correct speech. Oh god, now I sound like a sad old person. But I digress!

The moral of the story is: come to Hurricane’s, get the pork ribs, leave. Then go get yourself a beer.

PS. Here’s a hot tip. Open your wet wipe (but don’t use it) BEFORE you start eating. When you’re finished your hands will be so greasy that this task will prove impossible.

Hurricane’s Bar and Grill
Level 2 Harbourside Shopping Centre
Darling Harbour, NSW

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