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Pillar of Salt

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Finally, a non-Sydney review! I’m not done with them yet, but I thought it was about time I mixed it up a bit.

Truth be told, this place was actually about plan E when I went there. I’d turned up at a number of other brunch spots I wanted to check out while on holidays, only to find most of them shut until after New Years or packed to the brim with a decent wait to get in. I was relieved when I found Pillar of Salt open with two free seats.

Despite being Friday, they had the ‘weekend’ menu on offer because it was the Christmas/New Year break. After looking on the website it appears that the weekday/weekend menus are the same, the only difference is that on weekends breakfast is available all day. I was quite happy about that as I am a fan of the all day breakfast (and have been known to have eggs on toast for dinner…)

I started with a 5 Senses latte ($3.80), which was smooth and mellow. It was a good temperature and went down very nicely.

There were quite a few interesting breakfast options on the menu but I couldn’t go past the corn fritters with smoked salmon, avocado salsa and a poached egg ($18.50, or $16.50 without the egg).

I am generally a fan of fritters, with corn and zucchini being particular favourites. These were some of the best fritters I’ve had in a long time. They were thick, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside without being too doughy or heavy. They were tasty and jam-packed full of corn. They were quite yellow in colour, which makes me think that perhaps the batter had some creamed corn mixed through it. There’s something I need to try at home. There was a generous amount of smoked salmon to go with it and the egg was poached perfectly with a nice runny yolk. The flavour balance of the salsa was good, however the ingredients were far too large and chunky to the point where it was more like a salad than a salsa. It would have been much nicer if everything was finely diced (especially the onion, because no one likes big chunks of onion).

My friend ordered the red chilli scrambled eggs with herbs, parmesan and bacon on toast ($16.50). The eggs were soft, creamy and well seasoned. The chilli added a nice punch which the bacon and parmesan complemented nicely. I can imagine that this would be great for a hangover.

The verdict

We were lucky to get in straight away, but not long after we were seated a fairly decent sized queue started to form outside so be prepared to wait a little.

If you don’t live in the area, I will tell you that it is worth the trip for the coffee alone. It’s definitely one of the better ones I’ve had in a while. The food was also very satisfying, filling and well priced. Both the breakfast and lunch menus are interesting, with a good range of vegetarian options. I’ll definitely be back before long.

Pillar of Salt
541 Church Street

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