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Bistro Vue

Posted on Jan 13, 2013 by in CBD, Reviews | 0 comments

Strawberry yoghurt parfait

Bistro Vue is the lower-level, laid back sister to the famed 3-hat Vue de Monde. It is in the style of an old-fashioned French bistro, with antique furniture and a classically French menu.

It was my venue of choice for our department’s Christmas dinner, so due to the size of our group we ordered from a set menu.

Duck, Gascony salad ($18)

Duck breast, duck prosciutto, roast parsnip, grapes, radish and asparagus made up the gascony salad. The thin ribbons of raw asparagus were quite nice; I’d never really seen asparagus done this way before. The proscuitto was also a new experience for me. It was rich, salty and soft. Unfortunately, the duck breast was quite dry though. Not a bad starter but not amazing either.

Poached snapper, fennel, anchovy butter and beach herbs ($36)

The snapper was tender and moist, flaking apart perfectly. The acidic capers and salty anchovy butter were a great match for the fish. Soft, sweet roasted fennel complemented the rest of the dish well. A winning main.

Strawberry and yoghurt parfait, pistachio ice cream, compressed strawberry

The parfait was tart, tangy and firm, in nice contrast to the sweet-perfumed pistachio ice cream. Soft strawberries and pistachio cake crumbs completed the dessert and added some balance. I wouldn’t have minded a little more texture here though: a pistachio praline, perhaps?

The verdict

There were no prices listed next to the items on the set menu so the prices I have given above are taken from their online menu. The dessert I had wasn’t on there, but the other desserts on the menu were $14-17 so from that you can get an idea of cost per head.

The food wasn’t particularly mindblowing, but it was definitely satisfactory. Portions are decent and pricing is reasonable. Bistro Vue has a nice cosy feel and the decor is gorgeous; add that to the fact that they take bookings and are usually available at short notice, and you have yourself a perfect first-date restaurant.

Bistro Vue
430 Little Collins Street

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