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The Kodiak Club (and 1st blog birthday)

Posted on Jan 14, 2013 by in Fitzroy, Reviews | 2 comments

Kodiak burger

It’s the Melbourne Food Snob’s official first birthday!

I must say, I feel like I have come a long way since the early days of  iPhone 4 photos and Twenty-Ten theme. (Check out my first ever review… isn’t it horrible?). When I first started writing about food on the internet I had no idea how much of a passion it would become, and all the things I would go on to do in the following year.

Since the 14th of January 2012 I have:

  • bought myself an Olympus E-PL2 (which I love)
  • learnt how to use Lightroom
  • attended an introduction to DSLR’s photography class
  • created and adapted my own recipes, including this cheesecake which is my most-viewed recipe so far
  • fashioned a makeshift ‘studio’ at home using a fridge, a coffee table, a spare bookshelf and a halogen worklight from Bunnings
  • reviewed restaurants in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, including one of the country’s top restaurants, Quay
  • attended the Eat Drink Blog annual food blogger’s conference and met a whole bunch of wonderful like-minded people
  • happily rejected every advertising/sponsorship/PR offer thrown at me

Here’s to another awesome year of blogging. Thankyou, dear readers! Now, on to this review…

The Kodiak Club

It feels a bit wrong to preface this post with a lengthy spiel on my achievements, only to present what are easily some of the worst photos I have taken in the last six months. I’d like to think that they usually look more like this. Anyway.

I’d been to the Kodiak Club a few times for drinks and always been tempted by their all-American bar menu. It’s very much your typical greasy/salty/carby stuff that goes with beer; the stuff that they like to call ‘dude food’ on Masterchef. (Which by the way I think is an unfairly exclusive title. I like greasy fried things too. But I digress).

Jalapeno bottlecaps ($5)


Jalapeno slices filled with cream cheese and honey, coated in batter and deep fried. Yes, every bit as awesome as they sound. Crispy, sweet, spicy and utterly satisfying. I could have eaten the whole bowl myself.

The Kodiak’s famous Buffalo wings (half dozen $10, dozen $18)

Buffalo wings

We just had to order these, considering that they were ‘famous’ and everything. This US classic of fried chicken wings in hot sauce came with celery sticks (not entirely sure why) and a dipping sauce on the side. We got the blue cheese sauce, following the menu’s recommendation. Much to my disappointment the blue cheese sauce was very creamy and not nearly smelly enough for my liking. Then again, it seems as though Americans have rather a different definition of ‘cheese’ than the rest of us.

The wings were perfectly crispy and juicy and had a good hot sauce kick to them, which the cream sauce (I’m not going to call it cheese anymore) helped to soothe. Finger-licking grease heaven.

Sweet corn and bacon hush puppies ($10 for 4)

Hush puppies

These light and fluffy cornmeal-based fritters were lovely, with a strong smoky-sweetness from the bacon and corn. The chipotle mayo they were served with was to die for and happily mopped up with chips after the hush puppies were gone.

The Kodiak burger ($17)

Kodiak burger

I didn’t have the burger myself, but half our table ordered it so I feel as if it deserves a mention. I hear that it was ok but a little on the bland side and ‘has nothing on Huxtaburger’. Enough said.

Cookie and bacon ($10)
Cookie and bacon

I’ve always been a little unsure about the whole bacon-and-dessert thing. I’m usually appreciative of sweet/savoury combinations but for some reason there’s something that’s just not right about eating bacon with say, maple syrup.

The ‘warm, soft, homemade’ chocolate chip cookie was very average. Rock hard and tasteless, it was immediately evident that it had come straight from a packet. A little disappointing, really. The ice cream was your bog standard plain ‘vanilla’. The candied bacon pieces were quite strange tasting and I wouldn’t be surprised if these were also some sort of bizarre processed American supermarket staple out of a packet (containing no actual meat, of course).

The verdict

The non-burger meals were shared between three or four people (I can’t remember exactly, it was a while ago). I do remember however that it only came to about $15 each and that we all left feeling quite full and satisfied, so here’s another one for your cheap eats list.

Apart from the dessert which was a bit of a let down, everything else was quite good. Simple food, admittedly, and a total grease fest, but they do it well. It’s certainly not the best option for those watching their waistlines, but when you’re in the right mood, there’s nothing better for your beer to wash down than a bowl of spicy Buffalo wings. Next time I’m drunk on Brunswick street you’ll know where to find me.

The Kodiak Club
272 Brunswick Street

The Kodiak Club on Urbanspoon


  1. Happy Blogiversary! Great to hear you still love working on the blog and have had some great experiences. Love meeting you in Adelaide and was sorry to miss you when you were in Sydney recently.

    • Thanks! It was lovely to meet you too. We’ll have to catch up next time I’m in Sydney/you’re in Melbourne :)

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