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Beer DeLuxe

Posted on Jan 17, 2013 by in CBD, Reviews | 0 comments

I’d been to Beer DeLuxe once before for their Thursday night $10 burger and beer deal but never got around to reviewing it. I happened to find myself at Fed Square hungry and thirsty on a 40-degree Thursday recently and thought that a beer and burger would really hit the spot.

The whole Beer DeLuxe place is very confusing: there appears to be a few different bar/restaurant/cafes in the same building under the same ‘Beer DeLuxe’ name, but which seem to operate completely independently of each other. After a bit of running around talking to various clueless staff members we eventually found out that the deal was only available at the outside burger bar.

As it turns out the deal is now $14, which is a bit of a price hike from $10 but still not bad considering it gets you a ‘Burger DeLuxe’ (normally $16.50) and a pot of obscure craft beer.

The Burger DeLuxe came with two patties, lettuce, onion, cheese, bacon, mayo and ‘deluxe sauce’. The patties were thick and had an appropriate level of juiciness: they certainly weren’t dry, but they didn’t flood the plate either. They were just the slightest bit pink on the inside with an almost crusty char-grilled exterior. They were very meaty but didn’t have a whole lot of seasoning otherwise. I read another review of Beer Deluxe which described the burger as being like a ‘meat sandwich’, which I think is a fair description. The bun was soft yet robust, holding up the weight of the meat quite well. It was mildly sweet but not too brioche-y.

The bacon was nice and crispy and the onions were soft and perfectly caramelised. I thought it was a bit strange that the onions were sitting in between the two patties though. Isn’t that where the cheese goes? Or is that just memories of my high school job at Maccas coming back to me?

The ‘deluxe sauce’ was just ordinary tomato sauce, and there definitely wasn’t enough of it. I thought there was also far too much mayo.  In fact, I didn’t think it really needed mayo at all. Personally I feel like mayo is something that should be used to add richness to things that are mild-flavoured and lacking in fat: think chicken, seafood, vegetables. I’m not sure that there was any point in putting it on a burger with two meaty beef patties and bacon. Call me old-fashioned but I would have much preferred some pickles and mustard for an acidic kick to mix things up a bit.

The chips were just ordinary ready made chips, nothing special here. I did think that the little fryer baskets they were served in were very cute though.

The verdict

This place got bit of a rip on The Burger Adventure, which I usually trust for burger advice; however I noted that they went there over a year ago when the deal only cost $9.50. Perhaps the quality has improved with the price increase? I’d like to think so.

It’s not the best burger I’ve had, but it has potential. At the very least it’s filling, reasonably tasty and better than anything else in its immediate vicinity with a similar price tag. For $14 with an awesome beer on a Thursday it’s definitely worth a shot. Just make sure that it’s a nice day, as the burgers are only available at the outdoor bar (no undercover seating).

Now, next time I might bring a jar of pickles…

Beer DeLuxe
Federation Square

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