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I’ve been meaning to pop into Cheerio ever since it opened in June last year. This pint-sized cafe (only 15 seats, according to Broadsheet) is located just off the Swan st bustle in a cute, minimalist fitout.  We arrived for breakfast on a Saturday slightly daunted by the large number of people standing around the shop front, but as it turns out they were all simply waiting for takeaway coffees and we were seated immediately.

My Seven Seeds latte was very smooth with no hint of bitterness at all. Easily one of the best coffees in town.

The breakfast selection was short and sweet, with most of the usual suspects on there. A tempting range of baguettes and sandwiches completed the all-day menu.

Toasted briont with house made lemon curd and jam ($7.50)

My partner in dining ordered the toasted briont, which is apparently halfway between croissant and brioche. So basically a toasted slice of buttery, airy, flaky pastry (I think the butter content is way too high to get away with calling it bread at this stage). Speaking of which, I’m not sure that the accompanying pat of butter was necessary. Anyway.

The Jam Lady jams were lovely and perfect for the briont (blackberry shiraz is now on my to-cook list). I wasn’t a huge fan of the lemon curd though; it was eggy and overly tart. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and I tend to greatly reduce the sugar content in most of my recipes, but this wasn’t even sweet enough for me.

Wilted spinach, lemon, broccolini, poached eggs with hollandaise and watercress ($14.50)

The broccolini had a nice firmness to it, indicating had been cooked just enough. Combined with the soft poached eggs and spinach on grainy toast it made for quite a healthy breakfast indeed. (Let’s just ignore the copious amounts of deliciously buttery hollandaise, shall we?) My only complaint was that the toast went a bit soggy underneath everything else so perhaps it would have been a bit better served on the side.

The verdict

The menu was just like the decor: simple but nice, with a few quirks here and there. Sure, the food’s not revolutionary, but it’s not trying to be. It’s not an over-hyped, wait-for-hours-at-the-door-until-lunch-time-to-get-breakfast sort of place, which I appreciate. Sometimes it’s nice just to have a satisfying meal and quality coffee on a Saturday morning in a cosy space. And that’s exactly what I got.

323 Lennox Street

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