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Demitri’s Feast

Posted on Mar 9, 2013 by in Melbourne, Reviews, Richmond | 0 comments


Demitri’s Feast is a pint-sized, Greek-inspired cafe right on the main strip of Swan street. The breakfast menu is certainly an interesting departure from your typical bacon-and-eggs.

It’s unusual for me to go to a place twice before blogging about it, but in this case I was impressed enough the first time to want to come back not longer afterwards. I also felt it wouldn’t be right to do a write up without having had their signature dish.

Broad bean falafel ($17)

Perfect quenelles of smooth broad bean puree were fried until crispy and served with poached eggs on a bed of rocket, spring onion, mint and labne. Regular readers will be aware of my general distaste for rocket, however this time the simple lemon and olive oil dressing and mild bite of the spring onion made it quite palatable. It went well with the falafel and tart labne. I did feel that it was missing something though: perhaps some flat bread to mop up the oozy egg yolk.

Baclava French Toast ($15)

Demitri’s baclava French toast seems to be a serious competitor to Crapabble’s famed buttermilk pancakes. I had heard plenty of ranting and raving about it to the point where I knew I just had to come back and try it.

The slices were about 5cm thick, golden and eggy on the outside but still fluffy and bread-like in the middle. Served with Greek yoghurt, walnut praline, orange blossom syrup and finished with copious amounts of cinnamon, it was a wonderful modern take on its namesake. Absolutely heavenly. I powered through it and surprisingly didn’t feel sick at all afterwards.

Smashed Avocado ($17.50)

When I do these write ups I always struggle with what I should call the people that I ate with. I use ‘dining companion’ quite regularly however I’m starting to feel that it sounds a little too clinical. Plenty of other bloggers are happy to name their partners/friends/family in their reviews, but I kind of have an aversion to putting details of my personal life into the public domain of the internet. Hmm. Suggestions are welcome.

Anyway, my friend, let’s call him Bob (not his real name) had the smashed avocado with bacon, confit cherry tomatoes and a poached egg. Very good but probably something that could easily be found at a standard cafe with a less interesting menu. Nevertheless, probably a good option for less adventurous palates.

The verdict

The food is slightly on the pricier side of the breakfast scale, however it was all good quality and much more interesting than standard cafe fare. The coffee was ok but nothing to shout about. Die-hard coffee fans may want to pop around the corner to Cheerio instead.

The service was exceptionally friendly and definitely a step above expectations. Everyone seemed to have a good sense of humour and when I got my camera out for the photos there a few comments of ‘ooh, can’t wait to read this blog!’. There was definitely a homely vibe to it.

I think Demitri’s could easily become a regular for me. I’ll have to try hard not to get the French toast every time.

Demitri’s Feast
141 Swan Street

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