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Trunk Diner

Posted on Apr 4, 2013 by in CBD, Melbourne, Reviews | 0 comments


I know it’s been a little while since my last burger adventure, but don’t worry; I haven’t forgotten about my burger quest! Slowly, I’m working through my burger wish-list and at present I’m still yet to find one as good as the Merrywell. One of the next stops on my list was the much-raved-about Trunk Diner, so I suggested it as the venue for a catch up with fellow bloggers Ashley, Winston and Mary a couple of months back.

The one page retro-font menu was, of course, composed of standard American diner offerings, which basically translated to meat, cheese and fried things.

Chilli cheese fries ($9)


…and here we are: meat, cheese, fried things. See that puddle of grease soaking through the cardboard? Yes, it was as awesome as it looked. The chilli had a nice smokiness to it that I quite enjoyed.

Chilli cheese dog $12


A hot dog, topped with the same chilli and cheese as above. Enough said. So far this review is feeling rather concise relative to my usual verbose ramblings, isn’t it? I guess there was enough fat in the food, don’t need much more in the write up.

Buttermilk fried chicken wings and potato salad ($13)


Unforuntately the wings were a little bit disappointing. They were rather bland and didn’t have as much batter or coating as I would have liked. The potato salad was quite nice, but remained largely untouched as it kind of felt out of place. You know you’re in trouble when a bowl of carbs drenched in mayo feels ‘healthy’.

Wagyu burger ($10, +$1.50 for cheese) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I liked how the burger was served somewhat deconstructed, so that you could add salad, pickles and sauce as you pleased. The cheese was well melted and the light brioche bun was satisfactory. The housemade pickles were brilliant; it was great that they had been sliced lengthways so that they sat on the burger properly and didn’t fall out the sides (engineering at work here!). The patty was smoky and well seasoned. However, it had one major flaw: it was overcooked. Everything else was done well and it had so much potential; yet the simple fact of being overcooked meant that it was overall a pretty average burger.

Not sure what went wrong. There was a sign in the kitchen proclaiming that the burgers were served pink as they make their own mince. Nearly every other review I’ve read has ranted and raved about the juicy medium-rare patty, but mine was dry and coarse. Winston also got a burger and his didn’t seem as bad; it was more well done rather than overdone, although there was still not much pink to be seen.

The verdict

Let’s face it, I came here mainly for the burger. And it just wasn’t up to scratch. I know I may have just came at a bad time (Friday night, when it was super packed) but surely it’s not that hard to cook a burger patty correctly in a commercial kitchen environment, especially considering it’s something of a signature dish for these guys. The other food I had wasn’t bad but considering the number of American diners and quality burger joints popping up all over Melbourne I’m not sure that I’ll bother returning.

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