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The Beer and Burger Lounge

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by in Melbourne, Reviews, Richmond | 2 comments


Beer. Burgers. In Richmond. Of course it wasn’t long before I checked it out…

I’m not sure that it was much of a ‘lounge’  – perhaps ‘beer and burger bar’ would have been more apt. There were a couple of larger communal tables, elevated tables with stools and a number of seats along the main bar.

The menu is short and simple, although there is a little more variety than, say, Huxtaburger. There is a burger for each meat type (chicken, pork, lamb, fish, veg and a special game burger), as well as a handful of non-burger options and desserts.

I was tempted by a side of onion rings but eventually gave in to some crumbed jalapenos ($6.50 for around 6 pieces). They were every bit as crunchy, spicy and awesome as I expected them to be. The accompanying handful of chips, heavy with chicken salt, were also quite welcome as I’m the kind of person who likes a chip or two but struggles to finish a whole serving. The side of sour cream helped soothe the jalapeno after-burn but I would have much preferred some sort of chipotle-infused mayo, in true Tex-Mex style.

I opted for a classic cheeseburger ($10) which came with a bonus onion ring. The batter was nice and light, with a generous ring of soft onion within. Next time I’ll be sure to get a whole serve of these.

Generally when eating burgers the bottom half seems to disappear, so I have to do this awkward thing where I eat it upside down and get sauce all over myself. Here I was glad to see that the bottom half of the bun was a lot larger than the top half, overcoming this problem. Engineering at work!

The brioche bun was buttery-sweet, not unlike a Huxtaburger. The cheese was perfectly melted all over the patty: this was definitely a true cheeseburger, not just a burger with cheese slapped on it as an afterthought. The patty had a nice char-grilled crusty exterior which gave way to tender, pink meat. Which, by the way, is how any good quality house-minced patty should be cooked (pre-purchased mince, on the other hand, should be cooked all the way through because of food safety concerns). I saw a number of the reviews on the Beer and Burger Lounge’s urbanspoon page erroneously reported the patty as being ‘raw’, and gave them a negative vote. Now that I think about it, most of them are probably fake/paid reviewers as they’d only posted once or twice. Not like me, I’m real! But anyway, back to the burger…

Overall the patty felt a little lean. It was hardly dry but could have benefited from a little more fat to add flavour and juiciness. The burger was completed by pickles, tomato jam and mustard. I felt like the ratio of these were a bit off; there was quite a lot of mustard (which had been spread on the larger bottom bun) and hardly any tomato jam (on the top bun). A shame really, as I’d heard a lot of good things about their tomato jam.

The verdict

It may not have been the best burger I’ve had in Melbourne, but it definitely rates. All the burgers are priced between $10-$13, larger and more filling than Huxtaburger and worlds above similarly-priced burger chain Grill’d. What’s more, it’s yet to have reached super-hyped status so you won’t need to wait for hours to get in. $5.50 for a pot of Gypsy and I’m set! The only real downside to the place is that it’s freeeeezing. Bring a jacket, your friends and your appetite.

The Beer and Burger Lounge
112 Swan Street

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  1. Hey where’s the chips? I wanna eat that burger! Do they do vegetarian?

    • The chips are pretty good, not as rave-worthy as the onion rings though (or the jalapenos!). They do a rotating vegetarian special as well as a meat special, so there’s always something different. Give it a try :)

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