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This post comes as a follow up to my rather negative experience at the ever-popular Miss Marple’s in Sassafrass.

Following our unsatisfactory lunch, we continued on towards our destination. Some half an hour later we stopped for coffee at a tiny, unassuming cafe in the equally tiny and unassuming town of Gembrook. Upon spotting a Devonshire tea on the menu we succumbed to the temptation of (real) scones, our cravings for which had not been satisfied by the cakey abominations we had eaten earlier.

The Devonshire tea was $10 including either one coffee or a pot of tea for two. While hardly traditional, I appreciated that there was a coffee option as we had consumed plenty of tea at Miss Marple’s.

The coffee was ok, nothing memorable but certainly drinkable. Not bad for somewhere this remote.

Now, the all important scones. They had a nice outer crust and a soft and flaky inside; they were a little dense overall, but generally good with a nice butter flavour. They scored a few points with their serving of thick double cream, rather than the slightly-too-airy whipped cream that seems all too prevalent in Devonshire teas in Australia (why don’t they do clotted cream here? Why???). The jam was Cunliffe and Waters Willamette raspberry, which had a rich berry flavour and a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

The verdict

One of the better Devonshire teas (or coffees?) I’ve had. It’s certainly motivated me to explore more places off the beaten track, rather than just rely on popularity or urbanspoon to find good food. I’m now determined to try every Devonshire tea in Melbourne so that I can spread the word about wonderful little places like Cafe 91.

If you know of somewhere that does a mean Devonshire tea, please let me know about it :)

Cafe 91
91 Main Street

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