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Posted on Jun 26, 2013 by in Melbourne, Reviews, South Yarra | 2 comments


Do you ever feel like eating at weird times of the day? Despite its reputation as a food capital, it can often be hard to get a half-decent bite to eat in Melbourne outside conventionally accepted eating hours. This is especially problematic on a Sunday, when I tend to have breakfast later and thus don’t feel like lunch until 3pm, when everything is shutting up shop (I know, first world problems…)

On one such Sunday we didn’t feel the hunger pangs until around 4. Upon discovering gleefully that LuxBite was open until 7pm, we thought we would have ourselves a little afternoon tea.

We ordered the tea set for two ($48) which included two finger sandwiches, two desserts, four macarons and two beverages.

Savoury sandwiches

One of the sandwiches we got had a filling of house-made pork jerky, cucumber and kewpie mayo. The ‘jerky’ reminded me of Chinese sausage that I’d previously eaten in Malaysia. Overall it was a nice, interesting savoury (much better than a plain old cucumber sandwich!). Our other sandwich was smoked salmon and cream cheese, which was adequate but nothing special.

Caramel cravings

This was basically a posh caramel slice. A soft condensed-milk based filling was sandwiched between a thin coconut base and a layer of chocolate and decorated with two mini salted caramel macarons. The coconutty base was a nice touch, however it was quite firm and difficult to cut through. The caramel was also a little blonde for my liking; I would have preferred it to be a little less sweet with a richer caramel flavour. The caramel filling of the macarons, however, was perfect.

Green tea Opera

The opera consisted of layers of moist matcha cake, cream cheese and white chocolate. It was topped with a salted green tea crumb, which added a nice contrast to the rest of the cake. When we saw it in the cabinet it had a hand written label in front of it, and I also can’t find it on their online menu, so I think it may have been a special on the day or something. It’s a shame really, as I would happily eat it again.


The macarons here were some of the best I’ve ever had. The outer shells were thin and crisp but not crunchy, giving way to a chewy, moist and fudgy interior.

Heilala creme brulee (left)

I wasn’t exactly sure how ‘creme brulee’ could be captured in macaron, but they seemed to do well. Rather than just tasting like vanilla, it had a creamy, custard-like element to it as well. The outer shell was studded with sugar crystals to emulate the crunchy burnt sugar layer.

Lychee rose (second from left)

Lychee and rose is one of my favourite flavour combinations, so I was keen to try LuxBite’s offering. The rose flavour was quite strong and overpowered much of the delicate lychee. I didn’t mind so much as I quite enjoy rose on its own, but Bob didn’t think much of it.

Hazelnut (top right)

With the addition of cocoa, the inside of the hazelnut macaron shell was almost brownie-like. The creamy ganache filling and crushed hazelnuts topped it all off. An absolute winner.

Kopiko (bottom right)

I was surprised to find that this tasted just like the Indonesian coffee candies of my childhood. I was expecting it to just taste like an ordinary espresso macaron but somehow they managed to recreate the Kopiko flavour perfectly.

The verdict

LuxBite boasts unique desserts and some of the best macarons in town, with a bit of a South-East Asian twist. The savouries aren’t half bad either. I’m afraid I didn’t take down the individual prices of the cakes and macarons, but the tea for two set was good value and allowed us to sample quite a few of their treats. A an absolute must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

38 Toorak Road
South Yarra

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  1. I was there recently and had savoury food too – pretty nice overall! I saw the green tea cake as well, so even if it’s not there all the time it’s probably a rotating regular. And your macaron choices look great!

    • That’s good to know, I did like that green tea cake…

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