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Milk the Cow

Posted on Jul 20, 2013 by in Melbourne, Reviews, St Kilda | 2 comments


I first stumbled across this fine fromagerie when dining at next-door neighbour Golden Fields some time ago.

There is an impressive selection of cheeses in the front cabinet: everything from cheddar to washed rind to blue to Swiss. One section is even dedicated just to French-origin cheeses. The menu consists of cheeseboards designed for sharing, individual ‘flights’ for matching cheese with wine, beer or spirits, as well as fondue pots.

As there were four of us we opted for the ‘Cheesemonger’s choice’ of four cheeses, served with lavosh, bread and quince paste ($30).

White mould goat’s cheese (far right)

This two-week old cheese was quite dry and crumbly. It had a nutty almond flavour with that characteristic goat’s cheese tang. Bob and I enjoyed this one, however our slightly less cheese-loving companions weren’t really into it.

French Brie (second from right)

It was quite a ripe brie, with earthy, mushroom notes. Its flavour was not unlike taleggio, one of my favourite cheeses.

Cheddar-style cheese (far left)

This cheese had the firm, chewy and slightly crumbly texture of a good cheddar. A vein of hay ash ran through the middle, giving it a lovely nutty savouriness. I could taste elements of pumpkin and cashew. I’d never had a cheddar-style cheese quite like this before!


Aged 2-3 months, this blue was creamy and strong. It was quite sweet and fruity; it didn’t have the pungency or saltiness typically associated with blue cheese. Nevertheless, it still failed to win over the blue-haters at our table. Oh well, more for me!

The verdict

The fantastic range of cheeses and knowledgeable staff make the experience at Milk the Cow quite a pleasant one. The cheesemonger’s choice board had a diverse range of cheeses and provided good value for money, although it catered more to the die-hard cheese lovers at our table. If you or your dining partners aren’t really into strong flavoured cheese then it may be wise to create your own cheeseboard from the selection in the cabinet. I’m sure there are plenty of options for those who are afraid to venture beyond the creamy comfort zone of d’affinois.

Milk the Cow
157 Fitzroy St
St Kilda

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  1. I live a few blocks down and my husband and I have been dying to try Milk the Cow. It is one of those things where we eat at Golden Fields or Fitzrovia and then lament that we haven’t been. I think your post may have inspired me to get us to try the cheese plate next weekend.

    • Thanks! I hope you get down there soon – it’s a must for cheese lovers :)

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