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Rockwell and Sons

Posted on Nov 6, 2013 by in Collingwood, Melbourne, Reviews | 2 comments


I had heard a lot of ranting and raving about Rockwell’s double patty smash burger. It took me a while, but a few weeks ago I finally went to see what all the fuss was about.

Crispy confit duck wings ($12)

The duck was served simply with spring onion, sesame and ‘red dragon sauce’, a sweet and slightly vinegary Korean hot sauce. They were every bit as crispy, tender and finger-lickingly-awesome as I expected them to be. Probably meant as a bar snack, but who says you can’t have wings for brunch?

Buttermilk biscuits with sawmill sausage gravy and poached eggs ($16)

This was unlike anything I’d ever eaten before. Finely minced sausage was incorporated throughout the creamy ‘gravy’, which had a flour-thickened texture and a surprising spiciness to it.┬áThe biscuits were like fluffier, softer version of scones and soaked up the gravy well.

Double patty smash burger ($10)

The patties had a nice contrast between crisp, charred exterior and juicy innards, which is apparently is achieved by the ‘smashing’ technique. The special sauce was something different to the usual: it was herby and mayo-based, with a hint of tomato.

The Kraft singles, while giving the burger a bit of nostalgia-cool-factor, didn’t do much for me. I still think they have the texture of plastic and the flavour of nothing. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the bun – normally I like brioche as a burger bun to provide a little bit of sweet contrast but this one was just way too sweet and buttery. It was like eating a croissant burger.

Overall it was good for such a simple burger and well priced for how filling it was. I can see why others may like it but it’s not one of my favourites.

The verdict

Melbourne is in the midst of an American-diner-food epidemic, but Rockwell seems to be doing it right. The simple, yet well-thought out menu has plenty of options to tempt me back (hello pressed rib sandwich!). Also, apparently they do fried chicken nights on Wednesdays. See you there!

Rockwell and Sons
288 Smith Street

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  1. Weird gravy, right! Whenever boy and my inlaws talk about biscuits and gravy, even though I now know it looks like that, I can’t help picturing real gravy in my head.

    • Yeah, it’s a bit different to the gravy I’m used to!

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