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Posted on Jun 4, 2014 by in France, Overseas, Reviews | 0 comments


Dear readers, I must apologise for my recent hiatus. WordPress tells me it’s been 6 weeks since my last post – and even prior to that, my posting frequency had dropped significantly from the diligent twice-weekly schedule I used to maintain. I have found myself doing a lot of travel, for work and otherwise (yes, I know, a hard life it is)! Four weeks have passed since my return from Europe, yet it has taken me until now to get on and post something.

It’s always a shock to the system, returning from holidays. I must admit that I spent quite a while holding on to the last throes of ‘holiday mode’, spending nights watching guilty-pleasure music videos from the 90s on Youtube whilst eating straight out of a jar of Belgian chocolate spread.

I now also have a large amount of content to post which not only constitutes a large amount of work I have to do, but also serves to remind me of the holiday I am no longer on.

Anyway, it’s time to get a move on and start from the start.

Bistrotters, a relative newcomer to the Parisian dining scene, is rated no. 5 on Tripadvisor. A very obvious and perhaps a slightly touristy choice. But surely, I thought, that many glowing reviews couldn’t be wrong?

The menu featured traditional French fare with a few modern tweaks. Bob had the vegetable tart, described as ‘beautiful veggies on a nice crust’. While not the most exciting dish on paper, it was impressive in person.

Vegetable tart

My choice was the housemade foie gras; it was perfect. Soft, buttery, incredible. The sweet pickled fruit was just the right thing to break up the fattiness.

Foie gras

My trout had a nice crispy skin atop soft, flaking flesh. The perfectly-cooked vegetables presented an array of complementary flavours and textures to the delicately flavoured fish. Dressed simply with olive oil, balsamic and lemon, I couldn’t believe how much flavour was in what was essentially a ‘meat and 3 veg’ dish. Amazing.


Bob’s pork belly fat had been rendered perfectly, with a nice evenly blackened crispy crackling on top and fork-tender meat underneath.

Pork belly

I know salted caramel may be overdone these days, but I just had to try it in its home country. Here, the caramel was the fitting accompaniment to thick,  fluffy french toast with large chocolate shards.
French toast

The cheesecake was really soft and light, unlike any other I’d had before – it didn’t have that denseness I usually associate find in cheesecake. Bob loved it and he’s not a huge cheesecake fan.


The verdict

Bistrotters is a refreshing modern take on classic French cuisine. They’ve accomplished what is no mean feat: jazzing up French food (already perceived as ‘refined’ by much of the world) and making it just that little bit more fancy, while at the same time keeping everything simple and elegant, allowing the ingredients to shine through.

Add some quality, friendly service in to the mix and you have a winner. I’m having a hard time believing that there are four restaurants in Paris better than Bistrotters.

9 Rue Decrès (14th arr.)
Paris, France


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