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Lemon Middle and Orange

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 by in Collingwood, Melbourne, Reviews | 0 comments


Lemon, Middle and Orange is in a rather peculiar location, hidden in the back streets of industrial Collingwood. If we hadn’t been investigating Rokeby Studios, just up the road, as a potential wedding venue, we may not have stumbled across it at all.

The light-filled space was long and narrow, with a soft bench running along the length of the wall providing half of the required seating. Cleverly, the bench had been cut out such that the cushion sat flush with the wooden surface – probably not an important detail to most, but it was definitely noted by us design nerds.

The all-day brunch menu was a refreshing deviation from the ubiquitous bacon and egg/smashed avo/corn fritter collection: temptation abounded with options such as waffles with banana chips and bacon, or smoked corn and quinoa porridge.

I gave in to the black pudding puree with confit tomatoes, potato hash, poached eggs and watercress. It’s unfortunate that black pudding isn’t seen more around here – is it simply down to squeamishness, I wonder? Perhaps this would be a good dish for offal virgins, as the sweet bursts of tomato, crisp potato, soft eggs and mounds of salad did their bit to balance out the rich, creamy pudding puree.

Black pudding

Bob went for the croquettes of the day with poached eggs, which were spiced chicken with pistachio and apricot. These were complex in flavour but at the same time still appealed to that inner part of all of us that craves crunchy fried things – “chicken nuggets for adults”, you could call them. (Adults can eat chicken nuggets too, I hear you cry. Yes. Yes they can. But I am a blogger, and must uphold my public image of having a sophisticated palate 😉 ).

Chicken croquettes

The verdict

Lemon, Middle and Orange is a lovely little spot for brunch tucked well away from the main bustle of Collingwood and Fitzroy. Unfortunately I went on a weekday so I can’t comment on how busy it gets on the weekends, but it’s certainly worth the short walk if you’re sick of the lines at Proud Mary.

Lemon Middle and Orange
25-31 Rokeby Street

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