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New York Minute

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 by in Melbourne, Moonee Ponds, Reviews | 0 comments


“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – on a sesame seed bun.”

Such is the widespread appeal of the golden arches flagship that an offshoot can be found at a quiet, unassuming joint in suburban Melbourne, here known as the “New York burger”. (Eponymously named, of course: the Big Mac was originally released in Pittsburgh).

The vibe at New York Minute was not dissimilar to that of any suburban takeaway: it was small, harshly lit and staffed by teenagers, with nothing but a TV playing the news to add some ambiance. Seating comprised of a handful of stools dotted around the edge of the shopfront and a few outdoor tables; it could cater for no more than 15, at a guess. While I was keen to try this New York burger I was concerned about its size and settled for the beef burger instead ($9).

The pattie was thin, so it was cooked all the way through and not pink and juicy in the middle. Its lack of presence meant it battled for attention with the smoky bacon, with the heavily spiced tomato relish also joining in the fight. The bun was the only real highlight: it was soft and fluffy, with a nice crusty toasted side.Beef burger

Luckily for me, Bob went for the New York burger ($12) which allowed me to have a sample. My, was it a world apart from my beef burger. Without dominating bacon and relish holding it back, the full, meaty flavour of the beef was able to shine through, with the vinegary pickles and zingy sauce cutting through the richness. Baby spinach was a nice change from the usual iceberg – the soft leaves were mild and inoffensive, providing a little healthy ‘balance’ to the burger without detracting from it. The only real complaint was that the middle bun was a little thick.

Just a side note: the chips pictured below are a ‘small’ size. Hope you’re hungry! New York burger

The verdict

While usually the classic beef burger is a safe option, here I was let down. Unfortunately it was only later, looking back over a copy of the takeaway menu I’d brought home for reference, that I noticed the “Mini New York” – a single pattie version of the famous burger. I know what I’m getting next time.

New York Minute
491 Mount Alexander Road
Moonee Ponds

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