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St Domenico Pizza Bar

Posted on Dec 14, 2015 by in Melbourne, Reviews, Richmond | 0 comments

There are basically two types of pizza: nice pizza and dirty pizza.

Dirty pizza is your typical takeaway staple found in basically every suburb in the country, best eaten with a beer in hand. While the ‘meat’ of questionable animal content and excessive quantities of processed cheese can be satisfying in the moment, there is often a sick feeling in the stomach in the aftermath. Dirty pizza is best consumed as a convenient and inexpensive mass-catering option and/or hangover breakfast.

Nice pizza is dirty pizza’s more refined cousin, generally eschewing tinned pineapple and bearing more resemblance to pizza actually found in Italy.

While dirty pizza options are abundant in Richmond, the nice pizza scene has so far been a little lacking, so I was excited to see St Domenico Pizza Bar open up. Their menu uses ‘pizze’, the correct Italian plural of ‘pizza’, so it must be authentic, right?

I’m a bit of a mushroom fiend, so I chose the Boscaiola (San Simone) with fior di latte, pancetta, mixed mushrooms and sage.pancetta

The base was good; it was the right thickness and had the requisite amount of chew without being tough. The crust was also nicely crisp and charred. Unfortunately the rest of the pizza didn’t quite match the quality of the base. Bizarrely, there were few mushrooms and an overabundance of pancetta – I had expected the opposite, given that meat is generally a more expensive topping. The pancetta’s grease and salt were quite overpowering with nothing else to balance the flavours.

Bob went for the Salsiccia (San Antonio Abate) with balsamic, fior di latte, pork and fennel Sausage, roasted apple and sage.

This basically had the opposite problem to my pizza: not enough meat. The apple and cheese quantities were ok, but more meat was needed to get the ratio right.

Not content with reviewing just the pizza, we shared the italian doughnuts with lemon curd.

Again… the balance just wasn’t right. On first sight the doughnuts appeared to be bursting with lemon curd, but sadly this was not the case. The doughnuts were solid dough all the way through with just a drop of curd atop each one. It’s a shame, because the doughnuts were wonderfully light and fluffy.

The verdict

So close. St Domenico didn’t quite hit the mark, but there’s potential there. Given that all that needs changing is some of the proportions hopefully we’ll see an improvement some time soon. I’m sure they will continue to get plenty of business though, due to the lack of other ‘nice pizza’ options around here.

Disclaimer: Part of this meal was covered by a $50 voucher I received from Zomato. When I met with a Zomato representative I mentioned that I was interested in trying St Domenico, which prompted them to write me a voucher for the restaurant. At the time I received the voucher I had already made a decision to try the restaurant, therefore I do not believe that this voucher has influenced my choices or the outcome of my review.

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