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All work on this website is my own unless stated otherwise. My work may be used elsewhere as long as full credit is given and it is linked back to

All meals reviewed on this site have been paid for by either myself or the generous non-food-related company I work for. I strive to provide fair and honest reviews to my readers and as such I do not accept offers of free meals, products, services, invitations to events or sponsored posts. Such offers will be ignored and the sender flagged as spam.

I am also currently not interested in displaying advertising as I feel it would compromise the integrity of my site.

Views expressed in comments are solely those of the commenter and not a reflection of my own opinion. If you feel that a comment on this site is offensive, inappropriate or defamatory please contact me and I will endeavour to remove it.

I try my best to ensure that all factual information presented on this site (such as restaurant pricing) is accurate at the time of writing. If you have any concerns about the accuracy of such information please let me know.

Please visit my contact page if you have any further questions or concerns.